Celebrating a great abiding citizen

With utmost gladness we Felicitate with you “Comrade Benedict Okagbarhe Adhuze” on your new Appointment as the DIRECTOR of Foreign Affairs and diaspora Matters, Country Representative of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (Federal Republic of Nigeria) Georgia USA. We strongly believe in your leadership and your relentless helpful efforts/advice’s towards the growth of every individuals that has had an Opportunity/Priviledge to meet and know your undivided kind of being. You have always been a backbone to us as a person and as sole partner in every endeavours. We wish you all the very best and strength as you have taken upon you the goodwill, interests and responsibilities of our beloved country (Nigeria) and of the welfare of our great youth internationally with God by your side. Congratulations sir…..

We celebrate you sir, Comrade Benedict Okagbarhe Adhuze



God does not speak to you about your life partner any different than he speaks to you about anything. You cannot live all your live not hearing from God and eventually decides to listen to Him for a life partner when you are about to Marry. Depending on how He speaks to you: a still small voice, a deep impression/inner witness, by the revelation of his word, by confirmation of prophecy, etc. You should be able to know when He has spoken about a life partner.

You must learn to sleep: I don’t mean for you to go to bed, rather I mean you shouldn’t be anxious. Adam was in a deep sleep when God prepared a wife for him and woke him to meet her. God’s always concerned about you, sister, allow a sleeping man lie (one who is not showing any desire for you) let God wake him up, If you wake a sleeping man, he will want to sleep with you and after that, go back to sleep (search for his wife). Sister, you will not be heartbroken if you understand this.

Brother, Understand that it was a rib God took from you. This will change your life completely, there are ladies that you might have all the conviction for and they still won’t want to have a thing to do with you. Just move on, you’ve got 24 ribs. Look for another rib.

You mustn’t meet him or her in church. David Oyedepo met his his wife at a park, Billy Graham, saw his wife just passing near a grocery store, Paul Enenche met his wife in the university. Nobody says good spouse are only in church.

You must have a deep conviction and an inner peace. Juniata Bynum suffered divorce many times and she recounted on many occasion that she never felt peace about God’s leading, in one occasion she was walking down the aisle she knew deep within that she had made a wrong choice. Katryn Kulman suffered divorce because she felt she was getting married to an Evangelist. Aimee simple Macpherson was also a victim of divorce because she didn’t follow the peace in her heart.

Don’t conclude a man or woman is the right one merely because of the things you see they do. I have maintained that people don’t change, they only reveal their true nature with situations and time. A brother who has been very helpful to me spiritually, got involved in an unbelievable act, his fiance, now his ex confided in me. I was surprised he had those tendencies. That’s why we must depend on God to select a partner because he knows the heart of all men. Good people may not always remain good and bad people may not always remain bad but God knows the intent of a man’s heart and who he or she truly is.

Just because everyone knows you guys have been in a relationship and you eventually discover you are not compatible, is a good reason to call the relationship quit. Yes, this is not easy but what will you prefer: to marry him or her and live all your life regretting you never did? you must realize that some relationships were never meant for marriage but for preparing for it.

Learn how to end the relationship if you must without ending the friendship. Sister, this involves also telling a brother “No” one of the most miserable things a brother goes through in relationships is to get a sister say “No” in a disregarding manner. When you want to end a relationship with a supposed lover, don’t go on and one saying everything you don’t like about the person, just mention why you think he or she is not compatible for marriage with you but before that, take time out to tell the person how much they mean to you and how you will like to continually be their friend.

Don’t forget this key: never go into a relationship with someone you cannot break up with and never marry someone you can divorce. There’s no late Comer marriage. Take your time, fall in love and be sure he or she is the one before you walk down the aisle.

Ayim oliver Ayabo.

Self Discipline

Guest post: iamashleysymns (Mr. Better than everybody)

Incredible!!!, government of one’s self for the sake of improvement; I wouldn’t forget how embarrassed I felt going into a super mart, smelling of alcohol. Oh!, it was like hell in earth. Anyways, I wouldn’t blame the attendants,

You’re the type of person that takes credit for things you never said.

Tells stories of journeys you’ve never lived.

Talks big but really your thoughts are small.

Can’t fly but pretends you’ve survived the fall.

You want it all but you know you have nothing to give.

An average man that is still just an average kid.

And you judge cause you think that you’ve figured it out.

But your lost cause your judgement is proof of your doubt.

You could be great but you settle for what you are told.

You run your mouth cause you think that it shows that you’re bold.

But have you ever really shared just one thought of your own.

You’re just repeating what you’re told, real life megaphone.

You know at any point in life you can make a change.

You’re not defined by anything that you’ve done today.

Every moment you exist is an option to change.

For example start right now we’ve got people to save.

Been self disciplined adds great value to every individual’s life, According to a well reputable and intellectual political friend by name Hon. ADHUZE OKAGBARHE BENEDICT during a sit out conversation, he explained how it feels to be disciplined as a leader with an illustration and emphasised on some clues


self discipline is when either your mum or wife prepares a meal but you dare not open or touch until permitted.

it is how you control yourself, you can’t take more than a glass of whiskey.

it is how well you address and approach people either publicly or privately as you love to be approached.

it is how you choose to acquire knowledge over negligence.

it is a level of contentment with whatever you get in respective to rightful share. “it’s not cheating”.

it is when you wouldn’t open your mouth to speak when it not relevant or necessary.

it is how you take importance into daily life activities.

it is how you surround and develop yourself with good intellectual individuals.

it is when you wouldn’t hold back assisting knowing fully well you have it to offer.

it is how you accept responsibilities and how it could be solved judiciously.

it is how individuals could learn and benefits from your good instinct.

it is when you don’t claim or demand what does not belong to you.

it is how truthful and sincere you are in everything you do or say.

Not having multiple intimate affair; one woman, one man to build a productive and happy home. That is self discipline.

Being a good mentor to your followers, people you lead. That is self discipline.

and more.

I love Henry Ward Beecher quotes especially related to discipline. “‎Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expects of you. Never excuse yourself. Never pity yourself. Be a hard master to yourself-and be lenient to everybody else.

A self disciplined individual is equivalent to a true Leader.


James .O.

CEO. Dr’Rate Group

Ladies or Gents?

photo credit: Langston Hughes, (pinterest)

Love is a beautiful Thing, as said by an African songwriter and musician named Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo popularly known as “Dbanj” in one of his hit tracks album, i imagined what would have pushed him to confession if not the feeling of love either through music or for real, He must have understood what it took to been in love, no one will believe he could actually be in love, for he looked unready, not until presently because he is happily married with kids; I feel the cane of love flogged him to confessing when he realized he couldn’t bear it any further, that was when the prove of love came in through his music to whomever. *LOL*,. Anyways, it just what I felt happened not 100% sure…

Comparing the different genders in term to who bears the feeling more when it comes to realities of Love, back in the 70’s and 80’s, the feelings of love was so strong, as a matter of fact we could see many results through our parents whom are still alive, condolence to those that has loss theirs’. Whenever I sit out with my parents, I enjoy their ways of understanding one another, their tolerance when having internal misunderstanding unaware to their kids, they know how to settle themselves without yelling, arguing nor talking it to a third party, they are so interesting I would wish the kind of Love, Respect and Home like theirs’. I could remember a day I suspected there was issue between them, I wouldn’t know what had happened though I suspected, he realized I noticed, he would never say nor create aware to members of the family what had happened, I saw both faces., he looked at my direction while she sat at the other end on a couch, he looked at her direction, as he turned his face toward mine, he smiled and called her pet name. *LOL*… its didn’t end there, he continued with some laughable news to see her either laugh or start up with a conversation. They are still happily together till forever.

if there is something else as true love other than what parents do, I wouldn’t know and beside there are more hidden things about love. The new generation gender developed theories of love in ways they understands it; “No love without Money”. *Awww*… Still finding it difficult to understand that phrase, my parent never taught me that, I didn’t grow up noticing that from older generations, more reasons long lasting marriage anniversary exist, the likes of pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye of Redeem Christian church, Dr. Daniel Kolawole Olukoya (DKO) of mountain of fire ministry, bishop Simeon Okah of Flock of Christ mission, my parents, your parents and many more. Well, I suggest a course that shall covers what love really entails to be introduce in tertiary institutions for dispensation to new generation of modern civilization., Bob Marley sang about love; “I wanna love you and treat you right, every day, every night we’ll be together with prove holding our hands, we share the shelter, we share the room, is this love that am feeling?”… these are feelings of the 70’s and 80’s, they might not understand love, they definitely know the feeling which keeps them going., Meanwhile, the song has a question in it; “Is this LOVE that am feeling?”. *Smile*, anyways, he confessed of his feeling before the question.

Comparing the new generation, A young man gets his riches from unreliable source, spends like he prints currencies in his room, lives expensive life styles, without quality investments, and another whom is not as rich as the first illustration but has a good physique, handsome, fair or dark, pink lips along with swag at his level but he’s not hardworking, dependant on either parents or inherited properties., A young promising lady would be distracted, convinced by these qualities hoping is where love exist. well, it might work for both, but only few percent out of 100% are successful based on statistic from the entertainment industry and world at large encouraging divorces., Many relationships and fresh homes are short lived due to lack of understanding love nature; not realizing that, it is not based on the riches that can be spent, the six packs chest, the pink lips, the lavish lifestyles and height. it can not be measure neither rated by these qualities even at a first decade of togetherness. its a forever feelings with endurance, perseverance, tolerance, understanding and attitude. who should be blame; for abusing the feeling of love, most at times, infatuation is mistaken for love and it ends at breakup, divorce. when these qualities are fade, not maintained and unable carry along necessary needs; polemic issues comes in, most times when not handled with care and wisdom; it Crashes.. Oooh!!!, What a life.

I was once a victim of such circumstance., it affected me physically, emotionally and morally, its made me looney at some point, disliked the opposite sex. I had to put myself together to move on where I found most sincere love apart from God’s love. From personal researches and references to the Bible, the world as Whole; little children and parent are reliable beings to find then get true, sincere and passionate love., if kids love, they loves for real., it is known that Parents wouldn’t love to see their children go through pain no matter what happens. the Bible confirm in Psalm 127 vs 3-5; .3. Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.
4. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.
5. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate. And what the Bible says about parental love in Genesis 37:35; Then all his sons and all his daughters arose to comfort him, but he refused to be comforted. And he said, “Surely I will go down to Sheol in mourning for my son.” So his father wept for him. These are reflections of true love and how to find it., True love exist every where only when patience is applied, patience is virtue, determination is a plus.

The feeling a man have when in love is proportionally equal to the same mood a woman feels when in love. From personal research. YEAH… I mean; comparing and contrasting responses I heard from different genders during a personal research. A line of lyrics from a song by a known American songwriter named Taylor Alison Swift;
This love is difficult, but it’s real.


James .O.

CEO; Dr’Rate Group


Education is a key subject in the life of young students either high schools students or universities students, but for so many years government policies has deprived some young youth from attaining a qualitative and quantitative education in some part of the world.

Over the past years as a university student, I have realized and came to a conclusion that most of our life journeys are coiled from how we participate in schools activities i.e socially, mentally, physically and spiritually. Oooh, maybe you never knew, I was once a university student that is more reason you are reading this article because it involves brain work (mentally), now you understand. Funny, right?. Yeah yeah. As a fresh and young undergraduate which we call fresher’s; life was cool and somehow tough due to making new friends, locating departments, faculties, offices and so on, but then most of the fresh students were not exposed to online search engines and solid use of internet, academically. i.e Google.com, Ask.com and within search engines http://myschoolroomies.com to locate anything they need in a specific environment and beyond including roommates, course mates, project mates and study mates. am not left out; in fact I am the number one on that category. “LOL”. That was then, don’t mock me please cos I wasn’t that social, if I was social it might have been more easy to locate whatever I needed academically, thanks to God am above been a university fresher; a proud one, “LOL”.

An Irish quote reads and I quote “– You’ve got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was“.

Government policies has affected more of Educational system making them so difficult for educational growth most especially in west Africa. Obviously, these policy weren’t there during their days in school, when they eventually come to power they deviate from giving a sustainable policies and budget towards education making lot of youth educationally incapacitated and therefore promote several illegal activities in the country. How can this be solved?.

According to “Max Roser” and “Esteban Ortiz-ospina” cited from OUR WORLD IN DATA, they acknowledged the percentage of literacy from year 2011 up to the latest year of about 95% growth rate. Regarding the consequences of education, a growing body of empirical research suggests that better education yields higher individual income and contributes towards the construction of social capital and long-term economic growth.

In one of some live videos of a popular female presidential aspirant and candidate in a west African country named “Princess Nike Roberts https://youtu.be/vSzNCtZN84A and https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=923768501139390&id=857659181083656 emphasized what education would do and as such recommended for a country that will need boost to it economy improvement. I was convinced and had to find a way to contribute my quota through http://www.gofundme.com/nike-roberts-for-president-2019/donate for the value of Education and it growth worldwide.

Education is a key, its a life and it is beyond human comprehension, but you need to apply the basic things which is “STUDY TO GET APPROVED”.

James .O.

CEO, Dr’Rate Group


This is a true phrase and an example of what happened in Nigeria today most especially the season of the Russia 2018 world cup where a whole nation; for example Nigerians, will come together to celebrate a combined success in a soccer tournament regardless of tribes, colours and religion.

These has only been what makes us stand in unity but

falls when we forgot what made us stood united but we can look beyond that, only if we forget what has made us fell from ages past and continually seeing ourselves as one Nigeria in respective of tribes and religion.

United we will always stand, divided we wouldn’t witness.

I was pleased when I meet a young lady in her early 50’s at a cool well-respected restaurant around a serene environment among the africa countries and she sat next to me, seeing her; i concluded she is this quiet kind of human that thinks straight, calculate things smartly, looks bold but calm from the look, then I waved ‘HI’ even had little shiver cos I wouldn’t know what she might be made of apart from the look but behold she waved back happily “HELLO” with a low calm voice smile on face. Wow, then I know she was exactly as her look then I got that boldness back. ‘Lol’.

After those minutes of pleasantries and so on, we got serious just of a sudden we raised ideas that lead to several issues, but I love a particular statement she said and I quote “I WANT THE GOOD FOR MY HOME”; then I asked what home and what good?, she replied “NIGERIA”. Ooh!, that was when it occur to me we never asked for names. So funny, I asked for her name and she told me politely, all the while I never knew I was in a conversation with a NIGERIAN by name OYENIKE OYEDELE ROBERT from Africa, Nigeria precised.

She speaks bold with good intentions for her HOME regardless of her gender, I sat to hear of her commitment to the goodwill of her home, she is a true humanitarian with great humility, you could see more of her http://www.nikeroberts.org and http://www.facebook.com/nikeroberts2019/videos/912378042278436/ you would see what I believe in.

A lady by name HELEN KELLER once said and I quote “The biggest strength of mankind lies in unwavering UNITY. The exact sentiment is put forth by some of the greatest leaders and persons who impacted the world in some way. Take a look at some of the priceless words that say so”.

.James .O.

CEO, Dr’RateGroup

Come NIGERIA 2019, HOPE Alive

A U.S.-based woman, Princess Oyenike Oyedele Roberts, has declared for the presidency of Nigeria on the platform of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the 2019 presidential election.

Nike Roberts, as she is called, while addressing supporters in New York, also dissociated herself from corruption, vowing never to accept any donation from corrupt Nigerians to fund her campaign. She said her aspiration was built on five-cardinal plans:

* Uninterrupted power supply,

* quality healthcare for all

* creation of one million jobs annually

*quality affordable education, and

*security of lives and property.

The PDP presidential aspirant, whose campaign slogan is ‘HOPE 2019’, is the Vice Chair of Nigerian-American Public Affairs Committee and the President, Association of African Media Practitioners in the U.S. She blamed the problems of Nigeria on what she termed the current faulty structure, saying the Nigerian president in the next political dispensation must have the will to restructure the country to realise its potential. Notwithstanding the allegation of corruption levelled against PDP when it was in power, she urged Nigerians to trust her integrity as she had not been tainted by any act of corruption having not held political positions. Roberts said PDP is poised for a major shift ahead of 2019, claiming it was the party to beat and a viable platform because it had national appeal and spread. “Our political system is driven by money and that’s why we have the kind of leadership. The system should be driven by meritocracy – what you know to do, how to do it and the will to do it. “That is what should drive people; it’s not how much money you have or how much money you can invest in a person that you can control at the end of the day. “That’s what gave rise to the God-fatherism notion that it is who you know that gets you to the top. That system has continued for so long. “But I’m seeing a new breed of leaders coming; a change that’s going to cause a shift in how we do politics in Nigeria. We don’t allow meritocracy to rule; we allow money to rule,” she said. She called for more determination in the fight against corruption so as to secure notable convictions with commensurate consequences through the executive, legislative and Judicial commitments.

The Osun-born presidential aspirant, in her 50s, said at the centre of her heart is the security of lives and property, saying: “We must secure the borders to prevent illegal infiltration and activities”. “As a matter of urgency, the National Identity system must be concluded in order to account for every individual in the national database. “This will put face to crime and assist law enforcement agencies to deliver efficient services. I will also move for the professionalism of law enforcement agencies through inter-agency cooperation and improve their welfare.” She said apart from creating at least one million jobs annually, there would be an urgent review of the minimum wage to living wage to match current trends as well as a relief package for the extremely poor. The politician said she would advocate for an expansion of the health insurance scheme to include all citizens while there would be incentives to encourage regular health checks. Roberts promised to allocate minimum of 15 per cent of the annual budget to education as well as the total overhaul of the system to allow for early instruction in science, mathematics, engineering and technology. She said: “There must be continuous training and certification for teachers and instructors at all levels. The public school infrastructure must be upgraded as a matter of urgency”. The politician pledged to overhaul the power infrastructure and tackle the ineffective model of operations to increase power generation to at least 20,000 megawatts using renewable sources to support the fossil sources. Roberts said she had support base in all the 774 Local Government Areas and expressed confidence in the ability of the Independent National Electoral Commission to conduct credible poll in 2019.

Nike Roberts attended Reagan Memorial Baptist Girls’ Secondary School, Lagos(1975-81) before leaving for the United Kingdom to study hotel management in Oxford. According to her website, http://www.nikeroberts.org, Nike returned to Nigeria to work in the hospitality industry by developing her own brand of lunch delivery services to corporate clients, and event catering. She later left for the US where she attended Gwinnett Technical College in Georgia. She then started the first multi-cultural television station in Atlanta area, which showcases the experience of Africans in Diaspora. She also produced and hosted her own talk show. Nike has degrees in Office Administration & Technology, Information Security, and Technical communications.

Reference: Vanguardngr, Nike Robert.

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